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Dear Council Members,

Please note the added volunteers to the GNSO working
The registrar members are:

- Bruce Tonkin, Melbourne IT
- Werner Staub, CORE (registrar) and .cat
- Yoav Keren, Domain The Net Technologies (registrar)
- Paul Diaz, Network Solutions

Sophia Bekele, CBS International, and Nominating Committee appointee to
the GNSO Council

Avri Doria, Nominating Committee appointee to the GNSO Council

Ram Mohan, Afilias (operator for .info, .org, .mobi, and .in)

Cary Karp, gTLD Registries representative to the  GNSO Council

June Seo, gTLD Registries representative to the  GNSO Council

Alistair Dixon,  Telstra Clear Ltd., and CBUC representative to the
GNSO Council + other CBUC participants not yet named.

Marilyn Cade, CBUC representative to the  GNSO Council

Mawaki Chango, NCUC representative to the  GNSO Council

Charles Shaban,  TALAL ABU-GHAZALEH & CO.International (TAGI) IPC 

Please contact me if there are still names to add. We would like to 
confirm the list as soon as possible.

Thank you very much,
Kind regards.


Decision 4: That the GNSO Council forms a GNSO working group of
volunteers, conversant with the IDN issues raised in the IDN issues report.
The purpose of the working group would be to:

(1) review the Issues Report,

(2) prioritise the policy issues in the Issues Report for further work,

(3) develop the terms of reference for an initial policy development
process in the area of IDNs within the GNSO,

(4) propose ways of interacting with ICANN groups such as the
President's Advisory Committee on IDNs, the GAC, ALAC, SSAC and other
related groups in ICANN, and

(5) select three representatives to interact with the three ccNSO
representatives to form a separate joint GNSO/ccNSO working group to:

(5.1) agree on the priority issues and determine whether to examine the
issues as a single "joint" PDP, or as two separate PDPs

(5.2) provide a report to the GNSO and ccNSO Councils with
recommendations for terms of reference of one or more PDPs, and the
mechanisms for coordination with other parts of ICANN
The group would aim to have recommendations completed by the end of July

Glen de Saint Géry
GNSO Secretariat - ICANN

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