[council] RE: GNSO supportive message and flowers for services

philip.sheppard at aim.be philip.sheppard at aim.be
Tue Jun 27 09:34:21 UTC 2006

This in indeed a tragic loss and I fully support this idea as a symbol of
our heartfelt sympathies

> Dear fellow councilors
> You will all recall that in our meeting on Saturday, there was mention of
> Peter's long standing working relationship with the DNSO and then the GNSO
> in many of the leadership activities he carried for the cc community.
> As many will recall, Peter brought his children each to the ICANN meetings
> -
> Clare to Stockholm; Phoebe to Montreal, and Henry came with Liz to Rome,
> and
> Liz attended Wellington meetings almost in entirety. Many of us knew her
> personally, as well, and of her leadership in the Internet community in
> New
> Zealand, and in the international work of InternetNZ.
> Ken suggested that we recognize Peter's loss, and I believe we all support
> having the Council send a message of support and recognition, and sending
> a
> floral remembrance. We do have funds available to the Council from the
> left
> over budget amount that we carried over from the DNSO into the GNSO. I
> suggest we add an item under other business on the Council's agenda, and
> approve our Secretariat arranging to send flowers and develop a message of
> regard and support to send with the flowers as Council.
> Best regards,
> Marilyn Cade
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> Just got this info:
> Peter advises Liz's service will be Monday, 3 July at 2 pm, at Old St
> Paul's in  Thorndon. Still unsure, but likely, it will be a combined
> service for wife, brother, father.
> Keith
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