[council] Funding for travel

Gomes, Chuck cgomes at verisign.com
Tue Dec 4 19:03:51 UTC 2007

In response to Avri's request for others to speak up on this issue, let
me enter the discussion.

I sent a message to the RyC list today for the purpose of finding out
what RyC members thought about ICANN funding all Councilors travel
expenses to ICANN meetings.  There has already been a pretty good
response.  Understanding, though, that a lot of RyC members have not yet
responded, let me share some of the thoughts that have been

1. "I am in favor of support for only those councilors that can show a
financial need to the assistance, but not a blanket rule providing for
giving assistance to all.  There is no requirement for all councilors to
be at every meeting face to face.  It is helpful, but not required."

2. "To me the battle line needs to be accountability. If someone is
going to an ICANN meeting on ICANN's dime (or more appropriately gTLD
registry, registrar, and registrants fees) then these disbursements
should be made public."

3. "I oppose this. . . . Perhaps the money to be used should be put to
use in getting each Councilor a webcam and investing in some
videoconferencing software."

4. "Having participated in GNSO matters from afar I fail to see the need
to spend money in this fashion."

5. "The IETF does not pay for IESG members (Area Directors) to attend
IETF meetings.  This is sort the parallel of the council in the IETF."

6. "If the duties of the GNSO position require full-time attention, then
I could be in favor of travel reimbursement to ICANN meetings.  To my
knowledge, only the Chair position could be seen as requiring the
equivalent of full time attention to GNSO duties.  So I would be ok with
ICANN reimbursing travel expense for the GNSO Chairperson.   I would be
strongly opposed to the idea of ICANN reimbursing travel expense for
non-FTE GNSO councilors."

And now a few questions of my own, motivated by some of the thoughts
quoted above from other RyC members.  How concerned are we about an ever
growing ICANN budget?  What responsibility should we in the GNSO assume
for managing expenses wisely?  Is funding travel to ICANN meetings a
higher priority than other funding needs?  If we are going to be sound
managers of the policy development process, shouldn't we start by
getting more information (e.g., cost estimates) before we broadly
request that travel expenses be reimbursed for all Councilors?

I haven't yet answered all of these questions for myself, but I do think
that they are worthy of consideration.  In the end, if the RyC has a
consensus position, I will support that.  In the meantime, I hope that
we will avoid the temptation to just become big bureaucratic spenders
without good justification.  

Chuck Gomes
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> Hi,
> I have no issue with writing a note to Paul Twomey, but I 
> have not yet heard form the entire council on this, not even 
> from all of the constituencies.  So before I do write a note 
> that says the entire council is asking for something I would 
> like to hear from others.
> I will add this to the agenda under AOB.  In the meantime, I 
> am sure that Denise knows that at least part of the council 
> thinks of this as priority.  And also, I would like to ask 
> those who have not spoke up to give some indication of how 
> they feel about this.
> Thanks
> a.
> On 4 dec 2007, at 00.32, Philip Sheppard wrote:
> > I agree with Robin too.
> > This is exactly the intent.
> > Support no less and no more than nom com.
> > All equal in the sight of the CEO.
> >
> >
> > We hardly need more discussion on this. Council's intent is clear.  
> > Lets cut to the chase.
> >
> > Avri, as our elected Chair, please e-mail Paul Twomey CEO 
> and ask him 
> > directly for full funding for Delhi.
> >
> > Philip
> >

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