[council] Draft of a possible note to the CEO - updated

Alan Greenberg alan.greenberg at mcgill.ca
Tue Dec 4 19:29:32 UTC 2007

The rules have seemingly changed. Current non-Board NomCom appointees 
were not promised business class travel, and to my knowledge have not 
received it. Some NomCom appointees from earlier years have managed 
to continue flying business, and others reportedly have not. The same 
is true for the former Board-appointed ALAC members (prior to the 
RALOs being formed) - some always flew business class, and others were demoted.

All hear-say of course, since I have not inspected tickets, but I 
believe this is relatively accurate.

At 04/12/2007 01:44 PM, Avri Doria wrote:

>Well that is an open issue.  When I first started we were funded at
>business level at least for trips longer then 6 hours (i think).
>And as far as I can tell the rules have not changed
>and I have persisted in insisting that all volunteers should travel
>at the
>same level as staff and the board.
>So, I believe the letter is accurate.
>- requesting that all council members receive support for
>travel just as the nomcom appointees do.
>- requesting that this level of travel be the same as that which
>the  board and the the staff receive.
>On 4 dec 2007, at 10.34, Gomes, Chuck wrote:
>>Someone please correct me if I am wrong, but I believe ICANN staff and
>>Directors are funded for business class travel on international trips
>>while NomCom reps are funded for coach travel.  If so, the last two
>>sentences of the first paragraph do not work.
>>Note that I am not advocating for or against sending this letter, only
>>making sure that we are accurate in our facts.
>>Chuck Gomes
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>>>Taking Tim's comment into account and with some other rephrasing.
>>>Dear Dr. Twomey,
>>>I am writing on behalf to the GNSO council with a urgent
>>>request for travel funding for all GNSO council members for
>>>the New Delhi meeting.  A strong majority of those in the
>>>council, with no dissent, have requested that all GNSO
>>>council members receive the same consideration for their
>>>travel expenses as Nomcom Appointees  to the council receive.
>>>This support should be at the same level as is received by
>>>Members of the ICANN Board.
>>>The urgency of the situation, though the request has been a
>>>standing request for a while now,  is because  several
>>>council members have indicated that they will not be able to
>>>attend the meeting in New Delhi without such support.
>>>Please get back to me as soon as possible regarding this request.
>>>Thank you,
>>>Avri Doria
>>>Chair, GNSO Council

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