[council] GNSO Council teleconference MP3 recording 24 May 2007

Bruce Tonkin Bruce.Tonkin at melbourneit.com.au
Fri May 25 02:47:08 UTC 2007

Hello Mawaki,

> 2. that there's no notion of majority (not even relative
> majority) in voting issue report: if 27% of the council members
> on the call vote for the IR, and 30% vote against, there will
> still be an IR.
> Is my understanding correct?

Correct.   It is a bit unusual as it is not so much a Council
resolution, as it is a request from some members of Council.

As Chuck points out, the confusion is in the term "members" and "vote".
As the bylaws use the words "vote of at least 25% of the members", I
have interpreted that to invoke the rules regarding weighted voting.  If
it had said "at the request of 25% of the members present" I would not
have included the count of the vote.

In any case, I will ensure that the minutes count the result both ways
(no. of members, and no. of votes cast).

Bruce Tonkin

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