[council] Rationale of thresholds for initiating issues reports and PDPs

Avri Doria avri at acm.org
Fri May 25 05:38:08 UTC 2007

On 25 maj 2007, at 05.52, Bruce Tonkin wrote:

> The view points on this topic tend to divide by those
> that have weighted voting (want it retained) and those that don't  
> (want
> it removed) :-)

I am not sure that the division between the two positions maps that  
strictly.  I expect there are those on both sides of this issue who  
are able to look at it more or less dispassionately and make a  
decision that is not based on whether they have 1 vote or 2.  I  
believe that is at least true for the individual representatives.   
That may not be true for the constituencies themselves - it is hard  
to imagine a collective mind such as a constituency that enforces  
constituency based united front voting being willing to give up such  
an advantage if it has it, or not wanting an advantage it doesn't have.

And yes, I noticed that you said 'tends'. ;-)


note on 'united front' for anyone who has not encountered the term  
before, it is a notion that no matter how much disagreement there may  
be within a group, e.g. a constituency, it behaves as if of one mind  
outside the constituency.  in the politics it is sometimes called  
party discipline.  opinions on whether it is good or evil vary.

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