[council] An issue or not an issue - that is the question

Philip Sheppard philip.sheppard at aim.be
Fri May 25 07:57:50 UTC 2007

I think it worthwhile reminding Council about the origin of an issues report (versus
agreeing to start a PDP).
The issues report is intended to clarify that there is indeed an issue.
No more, no less.
It maps out an issue in an unbiased way to then allow Council to vote on its merits.

The vote on whether to ask for an Issues Report should be a collegiate action of Council
meaning that:
a) someone thinks there is an issue
b) Council recognises there is an issue.

The vote should NOT be based on Council's view of the merits of any possible outcome or
resources. These questions come later.
The reasons to vote NO are:
a) it is outside of the scope of the GNSO
b) it is an issue best dealt with bilaterally by the parties concerned
c) it is in scope but of trivial importance.

The reasons to vote YES are:
a) it is an issue and is in scope of the GNSO
b) I hate all possible outcomes but recognise it is an issue and in scope
c) I like some possible outcomes and recognise it is an issue and in scope.


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