[council] Draft Agenda for Council meeting - Thursday 7 June 2007

Philip Sheppard philip.sheppard at aim.be
Tue May 29 08:22:29 UTC 2007

allow me to respond to your questions about how we handle the gTLD report.
1. We treated this issue as a committee of the whole of Council. This process was explicitly
to ensure incremental buy-in to recommendations by Council. It escapes all logic that
Council would then vote on each recommendation. That process would seem suited to a task
force report. Have we all been wasting our time? I trust not.
2. We also opened the group to observers and received excellent input. That was also a
process designed to explicitly ensure incremental buy-in to recommendations by the wider
3. Staff have diligently drafted version upon version of the report so that we were all able
to track emerging recommendations that achieved broad support. What was the point of all
that if we now vote on each recommendation as if it came from nowhere ?

4. The recommendations were not made in glorious isolation. Many are inter-dependent. We
will end up with a pigs breakfast if we assume the recommendations can operate in isolation.

We must vote on the report as a whole.
Not all the recommendations please everyone.
It is not appropriate for Council to revisit issues just because individuals wish to re-run
arguments that earlier failed to persuade.
If that's how we will play it then the BC will return with our original wish list, so may
the IPC, so may the ISPs, so may ... etc. 
Further work
There are a lot of issues that need further work or at least feedback to Council on their
implementation. Indeed this applies to most recommendations !
It would be useful therefore to explicitly mark in the report where Council expects formal
feedback from staff.
That makes it clear for us, clear for staff.

Link to the sub groups
We also need to make explicit reference to the inclusion and support for these reports where


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