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Thu May 31 09:24:51 UTC 2007

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Dear Council Members,

The GNSO Chair results are:

15   FOR Avri Doria
9    FOR Philip Sheppard

(The winner requires a majority of 14 or more.)

There are 27 votes in total accounting for 21 Council members.
19 Council members voted - accounting for 24 votes. 2 Council members 
did not return their ballots accounting for 3 votes, one council member 
holding a single vote and one holding a double vote.

Please check below and confirm that your vote was correctly counted.
The results of the GNSO Chair election will be confirmed at the Council
meeting on 7 June 2007.

Thank you.
Kind regards,


Counted Ballots:

B1cc961780D:20070516102204:[X] FOR Philip Sheppard
B1cc961780D:20070516102204:[] FOR Avri Doria
B1cc961780D:20070516102204:[] ABSTAIN

B83a6f7eb2D:20070516102702:[] FOR Philip Sheppard
B83a6f7eb2D:20070516102702:[X] FOR Avri Doria
B83a6f7eb2D:20070516102702:[] ABSTAIN

B14b3cc74fD:20070516125012:[X] FOR Philip Sheppard
B14b3cc74fD:20070516125012:[] FOR Avri Doria
B14b3cc74fD:20070516125012:[] ABSTAIN

Bc00566ec1D:20070516144009:[X] FOR Philip Sheppard
Bc00566ec1D:20070516144009:[] FOR Avri Doria
Bc00566ec1D:20070516144009:[] ABSTAIN

B7bf68ac88D:20070516150918:[X] FOR Philip Sheppard
B7bf68ac88D:20070516150918:[] FOR Avri Doria
B7bf68ac88D:20070516150918:[] ABSTAIN

Bdbeff9d10D:20070516151454:[XX] FOR Philip Sheppard
Bdbeff9d10D:20070516151454:[] FOR Avri Doria
Bdbeff9d10D:20070516151454:[] ABSTAIN

Ba0fbc9c96D:20070518065941:[] FOR Philip Sheppard
Ba0fbc9c96D:20070518065941:[X] FOR Avri Doria
Ba0fbc9c96D:20070518065941:[] ABSTAIN

B88b92dc21D:20070518183742:[] FOR Philip Sheppard
B88b92dc21D:20070518183742:[X] FOR Avri Doria
B88b92dc21D:20070518183742:[] ABSTAIN

Bc02a03a59D:20070522020429:[x] FOR Philip Sheppard
Bc02a03a59D:20070522020429:[] FOR Avri Doria
Bc02a03a59D:20070522020429:[] ABSTAIN

B5eb1f34aeD:20070522021852:[] FOR Philip Sheppard
B5eb1f34aeD:20070522021852:[X] FOR Avri Doria
B5eb1f34aeD:20070522021852:[] ABSTAIN

B2bb81b783D:20070522064628:[X] FOR Philip Sheppard
B2bb81b783D:20070522064628:[] FOR Avri Doria
B2bb81b783D:20070522064628:[] ABSTAIN

Bf3f0ff003D:20070522181137:[] FOR Philip Sheppard
Bf3f0ff003D:20070522181137:[X] FOR Avri Doria
Bf3f0ff003D:20070522181137:[] ABSTAIN

Bc9ccfcbadD:20070523045156:[X] FOR Philip Sheppard
Bc9ccfcbadD:20070523045156:[] FOR Avri Doria
Bc9ccfcbadD:20070523045156:[] ABSTAIN

B1eccf6b4dD:20070523133025:[] FOR Philip Sheppard
B1eccf6b4dD:20070523133025:[X] FOR Avri Doria
B1eccf6b4dD:20070523133025:[] ABSTAIN

Bdb0a481ceD:20070523145838:[] FOR Philip Sheppard
Bdb0a481ceD:20070523145838:[X] FOR Avri Doria
Bdb0a481ceD:20070523145838:[] ABSTAIN

Bc35565763D:20070523181424:[] FOR Philip Sheppard
Bc35565763D:20070523181424:[X] FOR Avri Doria
Bc35565763D:20070523181424:[] ABSTAIN

B6523ad5b3D:20070529081823:[X] FOR Philip Sheppard
B6523ad5b3D:20070529081823:[] FOR Avri Doria
B6523ad5b3D:20070529081823:[] ABSTAIN

B67747ad5cD:20070529140622:[] FOR Philip Sheppard
B67747ad5cD:20070529140622:[X] FOR Avri Doria
B67747ad5cD:20070529140622:[] ABSTAIN

Bfe3a54407D:20070530065256:[] FOR Philip Sheppard
Bfe3a54407D:20070530065256:[X] FOR Avri Doria
Bfe3a54407D:20070530065256:[] ABSTAIN

Glen de Saint Géry
GNSO Secretariat - ICANN

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