[council] Issues Report on Domain Tasting

Gomes, Chuck cgomes at verisign.com
Tue May 29 21:02:22 UTC 2007

Thanks Maria and all of the staff who worked together to produce this
report.  I have a few comments that, although not material with regard
to the staff recommendations in the report, I think are important for
all to understand as the report is considered.
Section 1.1 Definitions Add Grace Period (AGP)
Please note that the following statement in the 3rd paragraph is
misleading: "When a name is deleted by the registry during this period,
money on deposit with the registry is refunded to the registrar."  First
of all, at least with regard to .com and .net registrations but likely
with other gTLDs as well, it is very rare for a registrar to have 'money
on deposit' with the registry.  This is an important point for at least
two reasons: 1) some people think that registries benefit financially
from new registrations that are deleted in the 5-day add-grace period
(AGP) and that is simply not true; 2) refunds are not required because
it is simply a matter of crediting a registrars account - there is no
exchange of money, only adjustments to credit limits that are back upped
by instruments such as letters of credit.
Section 1.2  Background
Whereas the general information provided in this section seems fine,
there are a few details that are missing:

	In response to customer (registrar and registrant) concerns and
in cooperation with ICANN staff, Network Solutions (now VeriSign)
implemented the AGP for .com, .net and .org within the first year of the
original ICANN agreement for those gTLDs, but the agreement was never
amended to include the requirement.
	When the .com, .net and .org registry agreements were
re-executed in 2001, the AGP requirement was included along with other
grace period provisions.
	When the first gTLDs were added, the AGP requirement was
included in the associated registry agreements.

Section 3.2  Issue Background

	The 6th bullet starts out, ". . . Chuck Gomes of VeriSign stated
during ICANN's June 2006 meeting that AGP was instituted at the
agreement of registrars and registries: . . . "  It's a minor point, but
there was only one registry at that time.

Chuck Gomes
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