[council] Thank you all -Sophia

Sophia B sophiabekele at gmail.com
Thu Nov 1 08:00:35 UTC 2007

Thanks Avri for sharing my exit statement. Following Ross's lead, I thought
I also forward this to the council.

 Dear All -

It has been such a pleasure and an honor serving ICANN as part of the GNSO.

The significance of ICANN's mission and objective is very central towards
the proper governance of the Internet and service to the public at large.

Not only has it been an opportunity for learning a lot about policy issues
of the internet domain names system, but I have witnessed the results of a
balanced platform for issues brought as an agenda to ICANN and a great
public debate.

I have indeed met and worked with some great people on the Council and
board, ICANN staff and ICANN societies in general.   The sightseeing and
parties are worthy of remembrance.   I shall hope to continue my interest in
ICANN on the topics I have expressed in my updated Statement of Interest in
the future.

With warm regards,

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