[council] Thank you!

Mawaki Chango ki_chango at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 1 13:37:19 UTC 2007

Dear colleagues,

It has been my privilege and honor to serve on the ICANN's GNSO
Council, supporting the noncommercial users' interests while
understanding better the interests of the other stakeholders.

Some of you may, or may not, remember how quietly I came in, and
how quiet "activist" I have grown, eventually. That is just
because I've learned a lot from our collective deliberations and
from you individually. Thank you for that.

Power dynamics are in all groups, and it can be expected so -
even more so where interest groups are instituted. But it has
been a joy to see beyond that the meaningful dialog that can
take place among individuals who care to understand the needs of
the broader community of users, while not neglecting those of
the suppliers for a wide and sustainable availability of, access
to, and use of the Internet around the world. I appreciated,
particularly and among other things, the physical meetings that
fostered such dialogs and understanding with my fellow

Many thanks to you all, to the staff (special mention to Glen,
always) to the two chairs I've seen, and the vice chair for your
dedicated effort to help make all that (plus various demands and
expectations from the community) a reality.

Like my distinguished fellow, Mr. Ross Rader, I'd like to drop a
thought - not exactly an exquisite literary one, but rather an
(in-)famous adage, at least some time ago in the high political
sphere in France where I learned it from, the translation being
my own: "God save me from my friends, for my enemies
(opponents), I can take care of that!"       

Thanks for your thought, as I heard, in L.A, and good luck!


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