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Greg Ruth greg_ruth at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 21 15:24:26 UTC 2007

Philip et al,
      Thanks for your quick action.  The BGC report structured its recommendations under 5 main categories:

1. Adopting a WG model

2. Revising the PDP (Policy Development Process)

3. Restructuring the GNSO Council

4. Enhancing constituencies

5. Improving Coordination with ICANN structures

It might be useful in supplying feedback to the BGC  to follow this same structure.
Thus, we might say that the GNSO generally supports reforms described in categories 2, 4 and 5?  Is this a correct reading of your suggested starting point?  Or do we agree only on parts of 2, 4 and 5?


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As agreed on 
yesterday's Council call, I promised to draft a short paper as a "straw man" 
listing those recommendations on GNSO reform that may be supportable by Council 
as a whole.

Given the deadline 
is submission by 30 November I thought I'd better get a move 


Not surprisingly 
those listed are ones seeking:

- improvements in 
policy development and timeline flexibility,

- improvements in 

- improvements in 

- greater support 
for constituencies.


I have left out 
proposals on structural change suspecting we will have differing 


On working groups, I 
am proposing a partial support, suspecting we mostly feel they will work for 
much policy work, but that tying our hands to have ONLY working groups for EVERY 
issue before us would be too inflexible.  


I hope I have 
captured areas of potential agreement. Your first comments please by 
November 25 after which time I'll edit a proposed final 

Comments can be as 
simple as  - "yes I/we support" or can be proposals to strike one of the 
proposed areas of agreement. In that case, a word of explanation would be good 
to share.





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