[council] Draft reply Council on GNSO reform

Anthony Harris harris at cabase.org.ar
Wed Nov 21 15:37:18 UTC 2007

I support Robin's suggestion, extremely
appropriate and timely!

Tony Harris

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> Thanks for getting this out so quickly, Philip!
> It seemed like travel support for councilors to attend ICANN meetings 
> was another issue with wide agreement for quick action.  Can we 
> incorporate that into this document also?
> Thank you,
> Robin
> Philip Sheppard wrote:
>> As agreed on yesterday's Council call, I promised to draft a short 
>> paper as a "straw man" listing those recommendations on GNSO reform 
>> that may be supportable by Council as a whole.
>> Given the deadline is submission by 30 November I thought I'd better 
>> get a move on.
>> Not surprisingly those listed are ones seeking:
>> - improvements in policy development and timeline flexibility,
>> - improvements in communications,
>> - improvements in outreach
>> - greater support for constituencies.
>> I have left out proposals on structural change suspecting we will have 
>> differing views.
>> On working groups, I am proposing a partial support, suspecting we 
>> mostly feel they will work for much policy work, but that tying our 
>> hands to have ONLY working groups for EVERY issue before us would be 
>> too inflexible. 
>> I hope I have captured areas of potential agreement. Your first 
>> comments please by *November 25* after which time I'll edit a proposed 
>> final version.
>> Comments can be as simple as  - "yes I/we support" or can be proposals 
>> to strike one of the proposed areas of agreement. In that case, a word 
>> of explanation would be good to share.
>> Philip

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