AW: [council] Draft reply Council on GNSO reform

Tim Ruiz tim at
Tue Nov 27 09:23:49 UTC 2007

Just boarding for a 10 hr flight so likely my last opportunity to
comment on this.

I would support Tom's suggestion. Being willing to give WGs a try is not
really support for recommendation. We should be clear about all views on

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> Subject: AW: [council] Draft reply Council on GNSO reform
> From: "Thomas Keller" <tom at>
> Date: Tue, November 27, 2007 3:01 am
> To: "'Philip Sheppard'" <philip.sheppard at>,        "'Council
> GNSO'" <council at>
>    Hi Philip,
>    as I just wrote in my last mail. I do
>    not think that we are in unanimous
>    agreement of the recommendation
>    therefore we should strike it from the
>    list.
>    tom
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>    If I read Council right (thanks Chuck,
>    Avri, Adrian),
>    I will amend to "qualified support"
>    where I previously wrote "partial
>    support".
>    I think we are all on the same page
>    here.
>    (Chuck we are not advocating task forces
>    here just laying down a marker for
>    flexibility which I note you support).
>    Philip

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