[council] Transfer issues PDP, Request for appointment of constituency representatives and for constituency statements

Olof Nordling olof.nordling at icann.org
Wed Nov 28 16:23:08 UTC 2007

To the GNSO Constituency Chairs:

Dear all,
A PDP on Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy issues was launched through the
adoption of a resolution at the 20 November GNSO Council meeting. See below
for the resolution text. This PDP will be conducted with "a committee of the
whole" and there is a link to the Issues Report for the matter in the
resolution text below.

I draw your attention to the requirements to appoint a representative of
your constituency (formally within ten days, meaning deadline 30 November)
and to submit a constituency statement on the subject matter within 35 days,
i.e. no later than 25 December 2007.

Very best regards

GNSO resolution text:

"Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy Resolution

Whereas the issues report on Inter-Registrar Transfers
has been released and discussed

The GNSO council resolves to initiate a PDP to address the issues set forth
in the Issues Report by the Staff."

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