[council] Re: IDN mailing list

Olga Cavalli olgac at fibertel.com.ar
Thu Nov 29 19:52:39 UTC 2007

I agree with your comments and if this idea is approved by the Council,  I
volunteer to help you in monitoring and drafting rules.

2007/11/29, Avri Doria <avri at psg.com>:
> Hi,
> On 29 nov 2007, at 19.21, Greg Ruth wrote:
> > It appears that the IDN WG mailing list is still operative.  I
> > propose that this be the basis for a 6-month trial of an IDN
> > discussion list.  As Council chair, Avri is willing to monitor the
> > list during the trial period.  I would envision that ICANN would
> > publicly announce the "creation" of this list (probably with a new
> > name), describing its purpose and rules, and explaining how to
> > subscribe.
> >
> > Please put  this on the agenda to be discussed at the next meeting.
> >
> Thanks Greg.  I will add this to the agenda.  In the meantime perhaps
> we can discuss it some on the list.
> Some personal views:
> I think this could be done with a minimum of pain, and see it as an
> experiment for some of the work we may need to do under the GNSO reform.
> I think one of the first things we would need to do is let the people
> on this list know we were doing this and make sure they were still
> interested in being subscribed. In terms of adding new subscribers, I
> would suggest a very loose mechanism were anyone asking to join would
> be asked to send the monitor(s) a note explaining who they were and
> why they wanted to join.  This would then be passed on to the list.
> I would suggest that we have minimal criteria at the start,
> essentially that they had not been suspended from any other ICANN
> list within the previous 6 months.
> As for monitoring and drafting some rules etc, (which I suggest we
> base on a combination of rules already in use in ICANN + the rules
> used in the IETF and defined in RFCs), assuming the council approves
> the idea, i would look for some volunteers to help me in the task.
> In terms of the issue of subscribers expecting some sort of
> acknowledgement of the discussions and comments on this list, I think
> part of the monitor's task should involve passing on to the council
> the gist of comments, and pointers to particularly significant
> comments, as they relate to topics under discussion.   Though I also
> think it should be made clear in the description of the list  that
> just because topics are discussed on this list is no guarantee that
> those topics are on any particular GNSO council agenda.
> Assuming the proposal is approved, I would also suggest renaming the
> the list from GNSO-idn-wg  to GNSO-idn-discussion.
> a.
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