[council] Notice of Intent to Form Cybersafety Constituency

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Wed Nov 5 06:09:30 UTC 2008

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	Subject: [council] Notice of Intent to Form Cybersafety
	Dear GNSO Council Members;
	For your information, attached please find a copy of the Notice
of Intent to Form a New GNSO Constituency (NOIF) submitted by Cheryl B.
Preston of the CP80.org Foundation proposing to form the new Cybersafety
Constituency. Board members have also been sent a copy of the document
as an FYI.  I will also be sending a copy to the constituencies mailing
list as an FYI, and we'll be posting the NOIF on the GNSO Improvements
Home Page http://gnso.icann.org/en/improvements/.
	Best regards,
	Rob Hoggarth
	+1 424.558.4805 

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