[council] Feedback on Open Joint Sessions in Cairo

Avri Doria avri at acm.org
Wed Nov 12 00:57:32 UTC 2008


The Thursday GNSO meeting came up with some concrete proposals that I  
passed on to the other chairs.

In essence the GNSO suggestions have been accepted:

Format for first meeting

- a round table format with constituency and region representatives  
(each of the ACSOs figures out its own mix).  How this is done remains  
to be discussed.
- 3 important bullets on the topic(s) from each of the ACSOs published  
before the meeting
- Ranking of the priority of the topic(s) within the ACSO is also  

Same sort of schedule

- first meeting at the beginning of the week to share opinions
- second meeting at the end to share feedback (this one might still  
invovle chairs) we did nt discuss it.

Topic has not been set yet.  Various sub-themes from 'fees' was used  
as an example during the meeting.

So we essentially did as you recommended already, although if there is  
more to say, or if I missed the point, we can certainly go further.   
In that case I wold recommend a drafting team approach, with those who  
want to flesh the idea out further producing a proposal for the  
Council to consider.


On 11 Nov 2008, at 18:10, Gomes, Chuck wrote:

> I wonder if we should take the initiate to develop a proposal for an  
> improved format for Mexico City?
> Chuck
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> Subject: [council] Feedback on Open Joint Sessions in Cairo
> I wanted to provide some feedback on the open joint sessions.
> Positive points
> - it happened
> - it addressed genuine cross SO/AC issues
> Negative points
> - many issues were ill suited to a single SO/AC view and so the  
> chair was unable to provide input
> - the event was a bit lack lustre because of this overly strong  
> focus on the chairs
> - I did not agree with the populist proposal to have every SO under  
> the sun here just because they exist. The event was intended to  
> foster understanding on joint issues not be a platform for every SO/ 
> AC.
> Proposal
> Imagine a large empty room with one large round table with the full  
> leadership of each organisation sitting ie the GNSO Council, CC  
> council, the ALAC, the GAC leadership etc. It would be a big table -  
> maybe three tiered in the style of UN security council with one  
> lead. But it would be exciting if THIS group had answered the  
> questions.  Observers would sit around the group in outer circles,  
> interacting as usual.
> Philip
> PS Glen would you be so kind as to forward this to Patrick Sharry  
> also ?

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