[council] Fwd: Key Item Missing from 20 Nov Agenda

Avri Doria avri at acm.org
Sat Nov 15 17:55:39 UTC 2008


I will be adding this item to the Agenda.

I suggest that we try to gather nominees/volunteers before the meeting  
and that, if possible, we decide during the meting.  If we cannot come  
to consensus on this during the meeting, we can set up a voting  
mechanism where the top two nominees are chosen.

I do not believe there is need for restricting this role to the  
council and given the amount of work we need to do, it might be best  
if we can find not council members for this work.  I suggest that  
names be sent to the list, though if people prefer, I can receive the  
names and put out a list before the meeting.


Begin forwarded message:

> Please note the following from the ICANN November Policy Update:
> - "At its 7 November meeting in Cairo, the ICANN Board authorized the
> formation of a community-wide working group to study and review the
> issues related to the definition of the ICANN Geographic Regions,
> consult with all stakeholders, and submit proposals for community and
> Board consideration relating to the current definition of the ICANN
> Geographic Regions. The Board asked that all interested Supporting
> Organizations and Advisory Committees nominate two individuals to  
> serve
> on the working group."
> - "The Board would like to approve the composition of the new working
> group at its December meeting. Subsequently, the Board expects the
> working group, as its first order of business, to draft and seek
> community input on a proposed charter, and submit the draft document  
> for
> community review. The Board would like to consider and approve the
> charter at the March 2009 Board meeting in Mexico City. In drafting  
> the
> charter, the Board expects the working group to focus, but not limit,
> its work on the criteria for assigning countries, dependencies and
> recognized geopolitical entities to a Geographic Region."

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