[council] Preparing A Restructured GNSO Council Implementation Plan

Robert Hoggarth robert.hoggarth at icann.org
Sun Nov 16 04:27:44 UTC 2008

Dear Council Members;

At the Thursday 6 November Council Recap and Planning meeting in Cairo, the attending Council members discussed the need to respond to the Board's directive to submit a GNSO Council Restructuring Implementation Plan for Board Review in advance of the 11 December Board meeting.

There was general consensus that given the short time available, that the best course of action was to develop a plan that highlighted the key benchmarks, deadlines and decisions that the Council would need to address in the coming months.  It was further agreed that each constituency would make efforts to assign/volunteer an individual or individuals to help develop the plan/report.

To help get the ball rolling, Avri has asked me to prepare a draft outline of what the report/plan might look like, including the key decisions that the Council would need to address in the short and long term to achieve the June 2009 goal of seating the new Council.

Set forth in the attached document I have drafted an outline, sample calendar/timeline and a list of potential key transition/implementation decisions that, collectively could be used to develop the report/plan.  I hope the material sparks further discussion and deliberations prior to and during the upcoming Council meeting on 20 November.  In the meantime, feel free to red-line and circulate the document with your thoughts and ideas.

I look forward to supporting the Council's efforts to develop and submit the plan/report to the Board.

Best regards,

Rob Hoggarth

Robert L. Hoggarth, Esq.
Senior Policy Director

424 558 4805
robert.hoggarth at icann.org

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