[council] Preparing A Restructured GNSO Council Implementation Plan

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Sun Nov 16 22:08:41 UTC 2008

Thank you very much Rob.
Considering the very short timeframe we have to submit the GNSO
Restructuring Plan (prior to the 11 December Board meeting and ideally
with some lead time before that meeting), it doesn't seem to me that
there is sufficient time for "each constituency would make efforts to
assign/volunteer an individual or individuals to help develop the
plan/report".  By the time we get a group formed and functioning, the
deadline would be upon us.  Also, I am not sure that our task is so
complicated that we could not do it via our list and in the 20 November
meeting.  Unfortunately, I may only be able to particiapte in a portion
of the 20 November meeting and may not be able to participate at all, so
I am submitting my input now and will participate in discussions on the
My recommendation is that we take your strawman document and do the

	For each of the elements of the "Key Process and Implementation
Decisions to Effectuate Transition to Restructured GNSO Council"
identify any subtasks that might be needed to accomplish the main task;
my initial ideas on this are highlighted in the attached file.
	Assign estimated target dates for each of the subtasks and
primary tasks from step 1 above.
	Integrate the results of step 2 into the "Potential Calendar of
Timelines/Deadlines for Transition to/Implementation of Restructured
GNSO Council ".
	Add a comment to the effect that the plan should be a 'living'
document that is modified and improved as needed throughout the
implementation process.

Note that I added a few additional comments and edits that may be
helpful toward turning your Strawman into a final plan.  Because I
likely will not be able to participate in discussion about this on 20
November, let me say that I am fairly flexible about the ideas I
suggested and don't present them in a hard and fast manner.


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Implementation Plan
	Dear Council Members;
	At the Thursday 6 November Council Recap and Planning meeting in
Cairo, the attending Council members discussed the need to respond to
the Board's directive to submit a GNSO Council Restructuring
Implementation Plan for Board Review in advance of the 11 December Board
	There was general consensus that given the short time available,
that the best course of action was to develop a plan that highlighted
the key benchmarks, deadlines and decisions that the Council would need
to address in the coming months.  It was further agreed that each
constituency would make efforts to assign/volunteer an individual or
individuals to help develop the plan/report.
	To help get the ball rolling, Avri has asked me to prepare a
draft outline of what the report/plan might look like, including the key
decisions that the Council would need to address in the short and long
term to achieve the June 2009 goal of seating the new Council.
	Set forth in the attached document I have drafted an outline,
sample calendar/timeline and a list of potential key
transition/implementation decisions that, collectively could be used to
develop the report/plan.  I hope the material sparks further discussion
and deliberations prior to and during the upcoming Council meeting on 20
November.  In the meantime, feel free to red-line and circulate the
document with your thoughts and ideas.
	I look forward to supporting the Council's efforts to develop
and submit the plan/report to the Board.
	Best regards,
	Rob Hoggarth
	Robert L. Hoggarth, Esq.
	Senior Policy Director
	424 558 4805
	robert.hoggarth at icann.org 


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