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The Role of Individual Internet Users in the GNSO
Open: 28 Oct 08
Closed: 28 Nov 08
 Explanation: The ICANN Board has asked for additional community input on the appropriate role and representation of individual commercial and non-commercial Internet users in the Generic Names Supporting Organization (GNSO). Faced with a number of different recommendations stemming from various independent reviews and GNSO and user-community group efforts, the Board continues to consider this issue and believes that comments from the community, especially stakeholders in the GNSO, ALAC and At-Large groups, and any relevant applicants for new constituencies, would be particularly helpful.

Potential commenters are asked to consider addressing the inclusion of registrants and individual users in the GNSO in a manner that compliments the ALAC and its supporting structures and ensures that registrants' and individual Internet users' gTLD interests are effectively represented within the GNSO. A summary document has been prepared by the ICANN Staff to provide background on this issue and to outline a number of potential options being considered by the Board.

Deadline and How to Submit Comments

The Staff is opening a 30-day public consultation forum, from 28 October 2008 until 28 November 2008, and invites community comments on this topic.

Comments on the document are welcome via email at gnso-users at icann.org. This public forum will be open through 28 November 2008. An archive of all comments received will be publicly posted at http://forum.icann.org/lists/gnso-users/.

For a copy of the public announcement of this forum please see http://www.icann.org/en/announcements/announcement-28oct08-en.htm.

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