[council] Election of GNSO Representatives to the Geo-Region Community Wide WG

Glen de Saint Géry Glen at icann.org
Fri Nov 28 18:32:11 UTC 2008

Dear Council Members,

The nomination period for two GNSO representatives to the Community-Wide WG on Geographical Regions is closed.

There are three nominations:
1. Olga Cavalli - NCA, GNSO Council,
2. Eric Brunner-Williams - CTO CORE
3. Zahid Jamil - CBUC - GNSO Council nominated by Mike Rodenbaugh
seconded by Kristina Rosette

The personal statements from the candidates are posted on the Council mail server list.
Zahid Jamil has not yet submitted a statement.

The voting process:
STARTS on Friday, 28 November 2008 at 20:00 UTC
(12:00 noon PST, 15:00 EST, 18:00 Buenos Aires, 21:00 CET,  01:00 Karachi and 07:00 Melbourne on Saturday 29 November)
ENDS on Thursday 4 December 2008 at 18:00 UTC.
(10:00 PST, 13:00 EST, 16:00 Buenos Aires, 19:00 CET,  23:00 Karachi, 05:00 Melbourne on Friday 5 December)

ALL GNSO COUNCIL MEMBERS ARE ELIGIBLE TO VOTE, that is, 3 representatives from each constituency, Registrars, gTLD registries, Commercial and Business Users (CBUC), Non Commercial Users (NCUC), Intellectual Property (IPC), and Internet Service Providers and Connectivity Providers (ISPCP) and the 3 Nominating Committee appointees.

Weighted voting will apply.

Liaisons from the ALAC and the GAC do not vote.


1. Voting will take place by secret e-mail ballot.

2. Ballots will be sent out individually to each GNSO Council members' e-mail address.

3. The ballots will come from tally[at]icann.org, so please check your spam filter.

4. The ballot will list all the candidates names plus a choice of 'None of the Above'.

5. Councilors may vote no more than once each for up to two candidates or for 'None of the Above.'

6. Ballots should be filled out and returned to the e-mail address stated in the ballot. They should not be copied to any e-mail list.

7. The Secretariat will announce the results of the vote by sending a message to the council mailing list. This announcement will include:

a. The number of votes received by each candidate; b. The names of the GNSO Council members from whom ballots were received; and c. The confidential code number of each ballot and the candidate for whom it was voted.

Item 7(c) will allow each GNSO Council member to double-check that his or her ballot was properly understood, but will not allow others to determine how the member voted.

8. In exceptional cases where a GNSO Council member has no Internet access during the voting period, a voice vote may be registered with the GNSO Secretariat personally during the voting period, before the vote is closed.

The election period will end on Thursday, 4 December, at 18:00 UTC thereby allowing the Council to communicate the selected representatives to the Board one week prior to their meeting on 11 December 2008.

NOTE that the above allows Councilors to vote for two candidates, for one candidate or no candidates. If only one candidate is selected by a Councilor, that selection will only count as one vote (weighted if applicable) for that candidate; it would not be allowed to apply two votes to one candidate.

The GNSO Council will confirm the results of the voting at the Council meeting on 18 December 2008.

Please return your ballot as soon as possible. The voting period is short.

Thank you for your cooperation.
Kind regards,


Glen de Saint Géry
GNSO Secretariat
gnso.secretariat at gnso.icann.org

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