[council] Position on NCA seatings

William Drake william.drake at graduateinstitute.ch
Wed Oct 14 08:47:14 UTC 2009


Ok, I've consulted with the current and incoming NCSG councilors, as  
well as the current and incoming NCUC Exec. Committee.  I have yet to  
hear back from two of the three board appointees who'll be seated in  
Seoul (not surprising, being new to the process and not yet  
comfortably ensconced in office etc), but everyone else is unanimous  
and it's been a week since the council call, so I'll report back now.

Our position is that the lottery results should stand.  The council  
agreed to a process, and Avri followed it just as the motion called  
for.  We do not believe that it a good practice to agree to all follow  
a process and then toss its results because someone's first preference  
is not realized.  If there were second thoughts about how we were  
proceeding, these should have been expressed and worked out prior to  
the lottery deadline.  But nobody challenged it, and only one of four  
SGs clearly expressed a preference on the list before the default was  
to kick in.



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