[council] Appointment of NCA to Houses

Avri Doria avri at acm.org
Thu Oct 15 13:59:37 UTC 2009


I understand that it would have better to have satisfied the NCAs and  
my original hope had been that this is what would happen.

The SGs had a week in which to agree to NCAs preferences.  For various  
reasons the SGs did not come to and agreement on that or any agreement  
for that matter.

We then had a lottery as agreed to before hand.

Due to dissatisfaction with the results we then opened it  for a  
revision on the consideration that all SGs agree to a compromise  
solution on placement.  I do not know if there were discussions and  
negotiations in the background, but all I saw was each of the SGs in  
turn stating its preferences.

In the end only 3 SGs, not 4 SGs, agreed to a solution that would have  
satisfied the request of 2/3 of the NCAs.

At this point, I really believe that this issue should be closed and  
the NCAs should be assigned according to the lottery results.


On 15 Oct 2009, at 15:34, Stéphane Van Gelder wrote:

> This means that, despite the overall support of the SGs for a  
> solution which
> was also inline with what the NCAs wanted themselves, we opt for the
> solution that suits only one SG. Hardly seems fair.
> I really think we should try and honour the NCAs' wishes if we can,  
> and the
> proposed option 1 did that.
> There is majority support for this. Does it have to be unanimous  
> support?
> Stéphane
> Le 15/10/09 09:32, « Avri Doria » <avri at acm.org> a écrit :
>> Hi,
>> Since it does not appear that the 4 SGs managed to negotiate to a
>> common acceptable position on the placement of the NCA appointees,  
>> and
>> given that a week has passed since the meeting and the decision to
>> give the council a week to try and find another acceptable solution  
>> to
>> the lottery, I believe that we are now in the position of accepting
>> the results of the lottery and allowing the 3 NCAs to start
>> participating with their houses on the decisions concerning  
>> candidates
>> for the chair position.
>> Thus, the NCA are allocated according to the following list as
>> determined by the lottery:
>> Terry Davis - Contracted Parties House
>> Olga Cavalli - Non Contracted Parties House
>> Andrei Kolesnikov - Non Voting Seat
>> I will be writing up the process followed and notifying the Board and
>> the Nomcom leadership of these results later today.
>> Thank you.
>> a.

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