[council] Council wide Nominations are closed - Part 2 Each House determines a Candidate

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I'm probably ok with your proposal, certainly on letting the Council vote on
the open-closed ballot issue; if we decide to close the ballot, the final
process may need a little discussion in Council.  I will have to think about
Alan's suggestion on absentee balloting in light of the actual attendance in
Seoul; having just suffered through a week of flu, things don't always occur
as planned.


I will add a personal view, with an open ballot on group leadership and in a
close ballot which I expect this to be; it could possibly change how the
ballot comes out.  Maybe for the best, but my 25 years serving on public
planning/development/land-use commissions is that it is not usually the
best.  Kristina already mentioned potential personal conflicts as a result
of an open ballot which I've seen before.  In my case as an NCA, I have
little concern that way but likely for some SG members and possibly
candidates, it may make for a hard decision.  All items I have read over the
years and my experience, shows that a percentage of folks will vote
differently, especially when selecting leaders, whether the ballot is open
or closed due to the external and personal pressures that then exist.


Now that said, I would have a very hard time voting to hold closed votes on
almost anything other than leadership selection that comes to mind; in fact
nothing does at the moment.


Take care



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Strictly from a personal point of view:  

*	I favor an open ballot for accountability and transparency reasons,
but I also respect the concerns of individual Councilors.
*	If just one Councilor requests a secret ballot, I then am fine with
a secret ballot with at least one caveat that the votes of each SG's reps be
communicated to the SG.
*	If am fine with Avri's suggestion to poll the Council regarding
whether to hold a secret or open ballot.

I have raised this issue on the RySG list and am waiting their direction.
In the end I will respond to the poll in accordance with that direction and
not my personal views.





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On Oct 15, 2009, at 3:56 PM, Avri Doria wrote:
> Do other council members believe this needs to be a secret ballot?

I think that at a time when there seems to be a lot of mistrust amongst the
ICANN community and. more importantly, when there are many new
entrants/participants and Councillors, it's important to have complete
transparency in the GNSO processes. As such, I don't support the idea of a
secret ballot in this case.





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