[council] Board letter to GNSO Council

Alan Greenberg alan.greenberg at mcgill.ca
Wed Oct 21 01:11:08 UTC 2009

I will be the lead rep from the ALAC. Others will hopefully be named 
early in the Seoul week.


At 18/10/2009 08:46 AM, Avri Doria wrote:

>Unless there is strong objection from the members of the council, I
>ask each SG to name 2-3 members and the active ACSO liaison groups to
>name 1 representative each for the STI-DT  and ask Glen (or some
>member of staff who is not traveling at the moment) to set up a
>mailing list, with open archive, for that team immediately.  I think
>it is a good suggestion for those SGs that have members who were on
>the IRT as either members or observers to consider including them
>among the 2-3 volunteers.  I think the SGs should find people in the
>SG, not necessarily council members to populate these meeting - and
>recommend that the people doing this find alternatives to replace (at
>least temporarily) them in other other ongoing ICANN tasks (except of
>course for council membership).

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