[council] Candidates from the 2 Houses for Council chair

Adrian Kinderis adrian at ausregistry.com.au
Thu Oct 22 04:11:21 UTC 2009

I know this doesn't help the cause but... This entire process is broken.

I am having trouble keeping up.

As I sit in my chair on board My Cathay flight on my way to seoul I am  
trying to catch up and quite frankly it is impossible.

I guess I will have to defer to my colleagues to sort this out by the  
time I land.

Alternatively we could throw this process out and start again when we  
can meet face to face.


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On 22/10/2009, at 14:59, "Avri Doria" <avri at acm.org> wrote:

> hi,
> the 21st is gone in ROK.
> the 21st is gone in UTC
> the 21st is almost gone on the East Coast of the US
> the 21st still has a few hours in California
> and a few hours longer in Hawaii.
> Can anyone responsible from the Houses give the Council an update on
> when the candidates will be announced by your respective Houses?
> (of course an announcement of the candidates would be better still)
> Please!
> a.

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