[council] Candidates from the 2 Houses for Council chair

Avri Doria avri at acm.org
Thu Oct 22 04:20:03 UTC 2009

On 22 Oct 2009, at 00:11, Adrian Kinderis wrote:

> Alternatively we could throw this process out and start again when we
> can meet face to face.

I am not sure I see how that will help.  This process was agreed to by  
the council.  Yes, it depends on each of the Houses working together  
and coming to some sort of consensus on a candidate.  Then again, that  
is the whole point of the reorganization - the Houses and council  
learning to work together and being able to come to consensus on things.

It is not my call, but I would advise against just giving up and  
throwing out the process.  And not just because I believe that groups  
should live with the processes they adopt, but because if you take a  
step backward and have to come up with yet another process that you  
can all agree to, we will have even more difficult decisions for you  
all to make - and I just do not see how that can help.

Have a good flight, everyone.


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