[council] REMINDER: GNSO Chair nominations - Part 2 Each House determines a Candidate - closed

Avri Doria avri at acm.org
Thu Oct 22 10:35:47 UTC 2009

On 22 Oct 2009, at 04:03, Stéphane Van Gelder wrote:

> The timing for this second part of the election process does makes  
> it very
> difficult as most of us are now in the process of travelling to Seoul.

Yes, but it was supposed to resolve before everyone started to travel.
though I do know some went early for the educational events.

> At this stage, with the deadline already behind us, may I respectfully
> suggest that we take up this discussion and process when we all see  
> each
> other face to face on Saturday in Seoul. I'm sure most of us are  
> planning to
> either be in Seoul or take part in the GNSO sessions remotely...

If that is the earliest estimate, then I guess that is what we will  
have to deal with.
I think it  would be best, however, if those in the lead of the SG/ 
House teams would try to resolve the question before the meetings on  


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