[council] Motion for the Reponse to ICANN Board letter to GNSO Council

Avri Doria avri at psg.com
Mon Oct 26 22:23:15 UTC 2009


I have aded this to the list of motions to be voted for the meeting.

are there names for motion and second?


On 25 Oct 2009, at 09:40, Adrian Kinderis wrote:

> All,
> During yesterdays discussions it was determined that a Review Team  
> should be developed to review the issues and positions of members  
> within the GNSO with regard to the ICANN Board letter to the GNSO in  
> order to formulate the appropriate response to that letter.
> Please see the suggested motion below. We would propose to vote on  
> this motion on Wednesday’s GNSO Council meeting. Whilst we  
> understand that this does not allow for the usual seven days we  
> would ask that, on this occasion, because of the tight timelines,  
> that all Stakeholder Groups act quickly to discuss this motion  
> (potentially utilising time during Stakeholder Group day on Tuesday).
> Glen – could you please forward this to each Stakeholder Group chair  
> in order to promote this motion as efficiently as possible? Thanks!
> Thanks.
> Adrian
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> WHEREAS, the ICANN Board has requested that the GNSO evaluate  
> certain ICANN staff implementation proposals for the protection of  
> trademarks in new gTLDs based in part on the recommendations from  
> the IRT, public comments, and additional analysis undertaken by  
> ICANN Staff, as described in the letter dated 12 October 2009  
> <<Letter from Rod Beckstrom & Peter Dengate Thrush to GNSO Council>>.
> WHEREAS, the ICANN Board letter requests the GNSO’s view by December  
> 14, 2009 on whether certain rights protection mechanisms for second  
> level strings recommended by ICANN Staff based on public input are  
> consistent with the GNSO’s proposed policy on the introduction of  
> new gTLDs, and are the appropriate and effective options for  
> achieving the GNSO’s stated principles and objectives;
> WHEREAS, the GNSO has reviewed the ICANN Board letter and desires to  
> approve the procedures for conducting such evaluation;
> NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the GNSO adopts the following  
> process to conduct the evaluation requested by the Board:
> 1.                   A GNSO Review Team will be comprised of  
> representatives designated as follows:  the Registrar and Registry  
> Stakeholder Groups with two (2) representatives each,  the  
> Commercial Stakeholder Groups and the Non-Commercial Stakeholder  
> Groups with four (4) representatives each, and At-Large with two (2)  
> representatives and one representative from the Nominating Committee  
> Appointees(1);
> 2.                   Each of the Stakeholder Groups will solicit  
> from their members their initial position statements on the  
> questions and issues raised by the ICANN Board letter and the ICANN  
> Staff proposed models for the implementation of the Trademark  
> Clearinghouse and Uniform Rapid Suspension model, and will deliver  
> their initial position statements on November 4, and with final  
> position statements to be delivered by November 6, 2009;
> 3.                   Such position statements will be summarized by  
> ICANN Staff and distributed to the GNSO Review Team to evaluate  
> whether a consensus can be reached on the ICANN Staff implementation  
> models or other proposals for the protection of trademarks in the  
> New gTLD Program; and
> The GNSO Review Team will conduct its analysis, identify those areas  
> where consensus has already been reached, an seek to develop  
> consensus on those issues for which consensus could not be  
> determined. The GNSO Review Team will provide a final report to the  
> GNSO on or before the GNSO council’s meeting in late November, 2009.

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