[council] GNSO Council meet and greet?

Mary Wong MWong at piercelaw.edu
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A social event versus a more formal discussion serve different purposes. I'd definitely support the former, and could be persuaded to support the latter.
The social (informal) event would be particularly good for introducing newbies and allowing everyone to get to know one another in a more relaxed environment, especially if we've just spent hours (or days) locked in discussion/negotiation/what have you. In contrast, the more structured "let me get this issue off my chest" discussion serves to let off steam of a different kind. This means that having it first thing on Saturday morning is likely to intimidate newbies and, possibly, cloud the atmosphere for the rest of the day/weekend.
Is there some way to have the formal discussion under some form of agreed controls (as suggested by Adrian) and other than as the first agenda item for the weekend?
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>>> Adrian Kinderis <adrian at ausregistry.com.au> 9/16/2009 5:39 PM >>>

And dinner with informal conversation whilst glossing over and ignoring some major crevices that are appearing in relationships in the GNSO Council between Councillors seems pointless...

I don't think this is a matter for "tearing shreds of each other". I think it is a matter of communicating our concerns.

I believe, with the right governance of the Chair, and strict controls it can be a productive time.

I'd happily put my hand up to help run it.  

Adrian Kinderis

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On 16 Sep 2009, at 22:20, Anthony Harris wrote:

> it was customary for the Council members
> to share a dinner and thus have an opportunity for
> informal conversation.

Ps.  I am very much in support of a dinner with informal conversation.
I think that is a wonderful idea.
the council should do those regularly.


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