[council] another suggestion for ACSO meeting

Gomes, Chuck cgomes at verisign.com
Mon Sep 21 19:42:10 UTC 2009

Thanks Avri.  It is not clear to me what would be discussed with regard
to IDN ccTLDs.  I assume the focus would be on the fast track but, with
the exception of a few remaining technical issues, most of the topics
have been beaten to death already with little impact from what the GNSO
said (e.g., contracts, fees, etc.).  Would this be simply a rehashing of
old issues that would have no impact in terms of Board action in Seoul?
What would be the objectives of the session?


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> Hi,
> The conversation has continued and the following suggestions is on the
> table:
> > It is suggested that we run our ACSO session on Monday 
> afternoon with 
> > the general topic being 'the introduction of IDN ccTLDs'. 
> The reason 
> > for this is that current indications are that the Board may 
> sign off 
> > on this in Seoul and it is important that each AC and SO has an 
> > opportunity to express any concerns they may have. The ACSO session 
> > would be scheduled with the staff (Tina, Kurt and team) IDN session 
> > acting as an introduction.
> The ACSO planning meeting is scheduled for after our meeting 
> this week.  I will add this to the status for that meeting, 
> but am looking for feedback both on the list before the 
> meeting or in the meeting itself.
> thanks
> a.

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