[council] another suggestion for ACSO meeting

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Tue Sep 22 10:05:37 UTC 2009

I share Chuck's concerns. Seems like in attempting to find the least  
potentially controversial topic possible, the final result is a  
discussion around a topic that's already history.

I'm sorry, but I am starting to think more and more that it may be  
time to dare ask ourselves if these ACSO sessions should be continued.  
Sometimes within this community that is Icann, we find it hard to say  
"this is actually not such a good idea" when we embark on a new  
initiative such as this...

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Le 21 sept. 2009 à 21:42, "Gomes, Chuck" <cgomes at verisign.com> a  
écrit :

> Thanks Avri.  It is not clear to me what would be discussed with  
> regard
> to IDN ccTLDs.  I assume the focus would be on the fast track but,  
> with
> the exception of a few remaining technical issues, most of the topics
> have been beaten to death already with little impact from what the  
> said (e.g., contracts, fees, etc.).  Would this be simply a  
> rehashing of
> old issues that would have no impact in terms of Board action in  
> Seoul?
> What would be the objectives of the session?
> Chuck
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>> Hi,
>> The conversation has continued and the following suggestions is on  
>> the
>> table:
>>> It is suggested that we run our ACSO session on Monday
>> afternoon with
>>> the general topic being 'the introduction of IDN ccTLDs'.
>> The reason
>>> for this is that current indications are that the Board may
>> sign off
>>> on this in Seoul and it is important that each AC and SO has an
>>> opportunity to express any concerns they may have. The ACSO session
>>> would be scheduled with the staff (Tina, Kurt and team) IDN session
>>> acting as an introduction.
>> The ACSO planning meeting is scheduled for after our meeting
>> this week.  I will add this to the status for that meeting,
>> but am looking for feedback both on the list before the
>> meeting or in the meeting itself.
>> thanks
>> a.

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