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Can we assume that this will be sent to the GA list?


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> Dear Council Members,
> I've been asked to provide some information regarding item 8 
> on tomorrow's Council meeting agenda ("GA List request for 
> election support").
> Under the current ICANN bylaws, there is no provision for any 
> officers (or Secretariat) of the GA mailing list, nor any 
> provisions regarding GNSO responsibility for the GA list. It 
> is not an official structure within ICANN.  Thus, ICANN Staff 
> will not be "preparing a voting booth" or facilitating any 
> election related to this list.
> For those not familiar with this list, "GA" stands for 
> "General Assembly," which was a structure within the original 
> DNSO (predecessor to GNSO) that ceased to exist when the DNSO 
> was restructured into the GNSO years ago.  There was an 
> expectation at the time that the new GNSO would replace the 
> old GA email list with a substantive, cross-constituency 
> discussion list, but that did not materialize.  The list was 
> left open, but there is no obligation by the GNSO to maintain it.
> Please let me know if you have questions.
> Regards,
> Denise
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