[council] Motion re VRSN RSEP request

Alan Greenberg alan.greenberg at mcgill.ca
Tue Apr 13 00:58:39 UTC 2010

My mistake. I assumed that since the minimum 
extension on a transfer was one year, the minimum 
initial registration was also.

Tim, does that mean that a gTLD registry could 
unilaterally decide to support EPP with a unit of 
months (subject to the 10 year max) and therefore 
start accepting monthly registrations?


At 12/04/2010 06:42 PM, Tim Ruiz wrote:
>Registry EPP implementations only support registrations in increments of
>one year. A registrar can offer a monthly plan (and many do), but they
>have to pay a year up front to the registry. But we're both
>contractually bound to registering names for a maximum of 10 years.
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>I do not believe that there is any policy or requirement that registrars
>offer registration periods of one year.  And it should be noted that not
>registrars require one-year registrations.
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>Mike, one of the other things that the registry service would do is
>effectively introduce the concept of reducing the effective minimum
>registration period from one year to one month, without the benefit of
>any ICANN policy discussion. That may be worth mentioning in the motion.
>At 12/04/2010 02:28 PM, Mike Rodenbaugh wrote:
>The BC makes the following motion for Council consideration in our next
>meeting, and would appreciate a ‘second’.  In sum, we request that
>the Council ask ICANN Staff to ‘slow down’ the process of approving
>Versign’s latest RSEP proposal and accept community input on it.
>Whereas, Verisign has recently made a proposal for an additional
>registry service called “domain exchange” for the .net TLD.
>Whereas, it appears the proposal may permit resumption of abusive
>“domain tasting” activities which have been curbed by the AGP Limits
>policy, and therefore appropriate limitations on the proposed registry
>service must be considered.
>The Council requests that Staff make the preliminary determination that
>this RSEP proposal requires further study and public comment, because it
>could raise significant issues with security and stability and/or
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