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is this meant as a placeholder to be sure having funds available in
FY11? Which is the deadline where it has to become more precise in terms
of the number and kind of studies to be funded?
I suppose everybody has own priorities. Speaking on behalf of the ISP
constituency we would like to see on top those studies dealing with data
accuracy improvement and secondly those digging into the privacy




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<<Motion for Whois Studies Funding for FY11.doc>> 

In our Council meeting on 1 April I encouraged Councilors and their
respective SGs and Constituencies to develop and propose specfic
recommendations for funding of Whois Studies in the FY11 budget but no
such recommendations were submitted.  Recognizing that the Draft ICANN
Budget has to be posted not later than 17 May and our next Council
meeting after the one on 21 April is not until 20 May, three days later,
I decided that we should try to make a recommendation in our meeting on
21 April.  To facilitate that possibility I asked Liz to draft the
attached motion (also pasted below).

Because of the lateness of the motion we would need to first approve an
exception to the 8-day GNSO Operating Procedures Requirement for motions
before we could act on this motion.  Also note that the motion has a
placeholder for the amount to be budgeted for Whois Studies.  My
personal opinion is that it would be good to fund at least two studies
in FY11 and even better if we could fund three if they are ready to go,
thereby avoiding very lengthy delays for at least two and maybe three
studies.  Based on the estimates provided for two of the studies, a
minimum of $300,000 would be needed and it might be wise to add a 10%
buffer on to that, making it $330,000.  If we decided to budget for
three studies, one of which we do not have any cost estimates for, we
could bump the amount up to $500,000.

In a year of limited financial resources, we cannot guarantee how much
will ultimately be put into the budget but we can should in my opinion
at least make a recommendation for consideration by the community and
ultimately the ICANN Board.


Please discuss this motion with your SGs and Constituencies before our
meeting on Wednesday so that we can act on it using whatever amount we
decide at that time if possible.

Discussion on the list is encouraged and, if anyone is willing to second
it without the amount inserted, that is welcome as well.  If anyone
would rather see an amount inserted, we can insert one that can later be


Motion for WHOIS Studies Funding for FY11 


In October 2007, the GNSO Council concluded that a comprehensive,
objective and quantifiable understanding of key factual issues regarding
the gTLD WHOIS system would benefit future GNSO policy development
efforts ( <>

Before defining the details of studies, the Council solicited
suggestions from the community for specific topics of study on WHOIS.
Suggestions were submitted (
<> ) and ICANN staff
prepared a 'Report on Public Suggestions on Further Studies of WHOIS',
dated 25-Feb-2008 (
-25feb08.pdf ).

On 5 November 2008 the GNSO Council formed a drafting team to solicit
further constituency views assessing both the priority level and the
feasibility of the various proposed WHOIS studies, with the goal of
deciding which studies, if any, should be assessed for cost and

The Drafting Team determined that the six studies with the highest
average priority scores should be the subject of further research to
determine feasibility and obtain cost estimates. 

On 4 March 2009 the GNSO Council requested that Staff conduct research
on feasibility and cost estimates for those six WHOIS studies and
following that assessment the Council would decide which studies should
be conducted ( <> 

On 23 March 2010, staff provided its analysis to the GNSO Council of
costs and feasibility for the first two study areas, and will continue
to work on the remaining areas

Resolved, that the GNSO Council recommends that at least (insert US
dollar amount) be included in the ICANN Budget for FY 2011.

Resolved further, that the GNSO secretariat communicate this resolution
to the ICANN Chief Financial Officer and the Board Finance Committee.

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