[council] Motion on the Proposed Process for GNSO Endorsement of Nominees to the AoC Accountability and Transparency RT

Gomes, Chuck cgomes at verisign.com
Wed Feb 10 22:06:11 UTC 2010

I second this motion.

In addition, I want to point out two important points:

1. There was not unanimity on the DT regarding a few details in the
motion and the proposed plan.

2. We have an extremely short window to approve a plan; it has to be
approved by 18 February, just 8 days away.

Understanding the above points, I encourage Councilors to:

- Immediately forward Bill's motion and the attachments to your
respective groups immediately and encourage discussion in the next few
days using your group's forums for doing that

- Ask questions and make comments on the Council list as soon as
possible so that anything that is not clear, can be clarified quickly

- Make any proposed amendments to the motion as soon as possible so that
they can be discussed not only on the Council list but in your
respective groups well before our meeting on the 18th

- Join the Council meeting on 18 Feb prepared with needed input from the
groups you represent so that any final edits can be made and the plan
approved because we must approve a plan in that meeting.

Note the following from the GNSO Operating Procedures: i) the default
voting threshold will apply, i.e., simple majority support from each
house; ii) .  absentee voting will NOT be allowed.

I am fully aware of the challenges we are dealing with on this issue.
The timeframe requirements make it extremely difficult to do this in a
fully bottom-up manner and to follow our general practices regarding
decision-making.  Bill and I both lobbied for more time but were
unsuccessful in getting approval for what we requested.

The good news is that the process needing approval on 18 February only
affects the first AoC review, i.e., endorsements for the 2010
Accountability & Transparency RT.  We have more time to develop a
process for subsequent reviews.

I request everyone's cooperation in constructively making this one-time
process a success.

Thanks in advance,


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> Endorsement of Nominees to the AoC Accountability and Transparency RT
> Hello,
> Please see two documents attached.  I hereby make the 
> following motion:
> WHEREAS, in furtherance of ICANN's responsibilities under the 
> Affirmation of Commitments, applicants are being sought to 
> volunteer to serve on  the review team for Accountability and 
> Transparency <link to 
> http://www.icann.org/en/announcements/announcement-03feb10-en.htm >;
> WHEREAS, the Accountability and Transparency review team will 
> include members endorsed by the GNSO in its efforts;
> WHEREAS, the GNSO Council desires to adopt a one-time process 
> to provide endorsements for applicants to serve on the first 
> Accountability and Transparency review;
> RESOLVED, that the Endorsement Process described in the 
> attached document  <link to final draft> is hereby approved ;
> RESOLVED FURTHER, that each Stakeholder Group and the GNSO 
> Council Nominating Committee appointees should immediately 
> commence their selection processes in accordance with the 
> Endorsement Process;
> RESOLVED FURTHER, ICANN Staff is directed to post and 
> distribute the Endorsement Process as widely as possible to 
> all GNSO related groups in an effort to inform qualified 
> applicants of  the important work of the Accountability and 
> Transparency review team;
> RESOLVED FURTHER, the Council shall form an Evaluation Team 
> made up of one Councilor from each SG plus one Nominating 
> Committee Appointee in its meeting on 18 February to assess 
> the responses and report to the Council list not later than 
> 25 February;
> RESOLVED FURTHER, ICANN Staff is directed to schedule a 
> Special Council Teleconference call on 26 February at a time 
> that maximizes Councilor participation for the purpose of 
> finalizing GNSO endorsements;
> RESOLVED FURTHER, the Affirmation of Commitments Review 
> Drafting Team is requested to continue its work to develop a 
> longer-term process for Council consideration in April.

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