[council] Message Sent to GNSO SG Chairs, Constituency Leaders and NomCom Appointees

Gomes, Chuck cgomes at verisign.com
Thu Feb 11 16:03:31 UTC 2010

Note that I just sent this message.  I would appreciate it if all
Councilors would work within your groups to make sure that this request
is fulfilled.
Thanks, Chuck
Message to GNSO SG Chairs, Constituency Leaders and NomCom Appointees
As I communicated yesterday, a GNSO Council motion has been made and
seconded for action on 18 February to approve a plan whereby the GNSO
may endorse up to six volunteers for the 2010 Affirmation of Commitments
Accountability and Transparency Review Team. Please note that one of the
resolutions in that motion is as follows:
"RESOLVED FURTHER, the Council shall form an Evaluation Team made up of
one Councilor from each SG plus one Nominating Committee Appointee in
its meeting on 18 February to assess the responses and report to the
Council list not later than 25 February"
It is possible that amendments to the motion could change or eliminate
this part of the motion, but we will not know until 18 February.  If
this resolution remains in the motion, the Council will have to form an
Evaluation Team in that same meeting.  To make this possible, I request
that each SG and the NCAs decide in advance of 18 February who their
representative on the Evaluation Team will be and notify Glen and myself
before the Council meeting.
Note that the Evaluation Team (ET) would have a short lived tenure.  The
ET would need to start organizing its work right away after the Council
meeting on the 18th to prepare for review of applications from
volunteers seeking GNSO Council endorsement for the 2010 AoC
Accountability & Transparency Review Team.  Applications could be
received from 18 February to 23 February.  The deadline for submitting
applications to ICANN is 22 February.  The ET will need to review and
analyze applications and prepare a report to the Council not later than
25 February and possibly not later than 24 February.  So ET members will
have a short but busy one week assignment.
Please ensure that the Councilors are informed in advance of the 18
February Council meeting who will represent your SG or the NCAs as
Thanks, Chuck
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