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Here's is Peter's reponse to Kristina's question.


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endorsing what Janis has said; seems strange that the Board Chair and the GAC can, but the SO and other AC chairs cant...

I think its a question for each SO to determine, observing usual conflict of interest rules and the common sense which you and others bring to making these things work.



On 19/02/2010, at 11:20 AM, Janis Karklins wrote:

	I can speak for myself only: There have been comments that SO/AC chairs should abstain from presenting their candidatures to the RTs.
	There isn’t any formal provision which would prevent chairs to be candidates. Especially, when the Chair of the GAC is a member of the RT ex officio.
	In order to ensure equal treatment of all Chairs, I am seriously considering to nominate somebody to represent me in the RT. This is, of course, subject of sufficient number and quality of governmental candidates for the RTs.
	Best regards
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	Subject: AoC A&T Review Teams
	The following question was raised in the GNSO Council meeting today regarding your final selection of AoC A&T Review Team members:  Is there any anticipation that leaders in an SO or AC (councilors, chairs, etc.) would be eliminated from consideration for the RT?  I stated that I was unaware of any restrictions like this, but said I would ask the two of you.
	For your information, there are differences of opinion on this issue in the GNSO. 
	BTW, thanks for the extension of time.
	Chuck Gomes 

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