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Thanks for sending questions. In my mind – there is enough material to entertain discussion at least 6 hours. Therefore, I will forward the list to my GAC colleagues and will ask them to prepare for the debate. If there will be questions from GAC side I will let you know.

On the logistics – all my answers are affirmative and I will make sure that all councilors are seated at the table during the discussion.

We will discuss with Olga all modalities right before the meeting.

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From: Gomes, Chuck [mailto:cgomes at verisign.com] 
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To: Janis Karklins
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Subject: Joint GAC/GNSO Meeting in Nairobi




To help us make the most effective use of our time in the Joint GAC/GNSO Meeting in Nairobi, the GNSO Council would like to propose the attached draft approach to the meeting.  As you can see, there is undoubtedly too much to cover in one hour, especially if there is very much discussion, and I hope there will be.  You may want to identify the topics and questions under each topic that you think would be most useful and accepted by GAC members.  Please feel free to trip it down as you see fit. After I receive your feedback, we would like to post it on the GNSO site; if you would like it also posted on the ICANN meeting site, we can do that as well; just let me know.


VeriSign is not allowing any employees to attend the Nairobi meetings in person so I will not be there, but I do plan to try to participate remotely assuming remote connectivity is provided.  Is it okay with you to have remote connectivity for our joint meeting?  Our vice chairs Olga Cavalli and Stephane Van Gelder plan to participate in the meeting in Nairobi and Olga will fill in for me in my absence.


Regarding meeting logistics, I would like to request that as many Councilors as possible be able to sit at tables with microphones alongside GAC members.  Whatever can be done to facilitate that would be appreciated, but please understand that we do not want to displace GAC members who should also be at those tables.  Note that we will have fewer Councilors in attendance than normal so not as many seats will be needed.  Also, I would suggest that GNSO observers seat in the perimeter area if seating is limited.


Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.



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