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Glen de Saint Géry Glen at icann.org
Fri Feb 19 15:56:55 UTC 2010


Thank you very much, this will be recorded in the minutes.

Kind regards,

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Thanks Glen, copying the Council as well.

I abstained from the vote on AoC RT selections due to the gender diversity
provisions, which I think are unfair and unnecessary.  ICANN is open to
everyone and always has been open to everyone.  So I see no reason why ICANN
should be promoting one group of people over any other, based solely on
irrelevant personal characteristics such as gender, race, religion or sexual
orientation, etc.  

Mike Rodenbaugh
tel/fax:  +1 (415) 738-8087

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Hi Mike,

Can you please give your reasons for abstention on Item 4 motion?
Thanks so much.


Glen de Saint Géry
GNSO Secretariat
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