[council] Re: For Information - GNSO Toolkit Implementation

Robert Hoggarth robert.hoggarth at icann.org
Wed Nov 17 04:26:02 UTC 2010

Dear GNSO Council Members and Community Leaders;

Attached please find the Initial Staff Implementation Report for the Toolkit of Administrative Services that the Council identified and approved late last year to assist GNSO organizations in their operations and policy development activities.  The report constitutes an initial implementation plan for the delivery of specific Toolkit services.  The document includes general specifications, budget and resource implications and availability information for each Toolkit menu service.  It also identifies areas where additional dialogue with you and your communities will help define some of the proposed service offerings for more effective delivery.   Glen will post a copy of the document on the GNSO web page so that you will have the option to point members of the community in that direction for report copies.

I look forward to hearing your comments and observations about the report and I hope we can take advantage of the ICANN public meeting in Cartagena, Columbia for face-to-face discussions - including your thoughts and ideas about the next steps for developing a number of the Toolkit menu services.

Best regards,

Rob Hoggarth

P.S.  Later this week Staff will be forwarding to the Board all revised Charters and Bylaw documents that we have received recently from Stakeholder Groups and Constituencies to reflect new GNSO Operating Procedures and to address Board expectations for Constituency re-confirmations and Stakeholder Group structure reviews.  If you had planned to forward materials to me but have not yet done so, please transmit them to me at your earliest convenience for our Staff status report to the Board.

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