[council] GNSO-GAC meeting in Cartagena

William Drake william.drake at graduateinstitute.ch
Wed Nov 17 12:37:17 UTC 2010


On tomorrow's call we are to discuss "6.2 Topic(s) for Joint meetings with the GAC & ccNSO"

We've just had two intensive and successful group collaborations on questions of particular interest to the GAC, namely Rec. 6/former MAPO and JAS/applicant support.  Wouldn't it be helpful to hear GAC perspectives and engage in some dialogue with them on a) the outputs of these groups, and how well they speak to concerns GAC has raised in the past, and b) how those outputs should be dealt with going forward?  Given all the efforts expended and the pressing need to settle this stuff to the community's satisfaction, one would think this is the best way we could use the time.  Unless of course we'd prefer to talk about categories :-)




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