[council] JAS WG charter extension motion

Adrian Kinderis adrian at ausregistry.com.au
Wed Nov 17 10:25:00 UTC 2010


I have been reviewing the work of the JAS WG.

It is all good work that is deserved of our attention.

However, I have read the various Board resolutions that were the genesis of the working. The original notion was developed in order to provide support to applicants.

Is it fair to say that, in your mind (or the WG’s for that matter), the following will be true given the support regime as you would have it;

- a new gTLD applicant will have to pay the application fee in its entirety but will be subsidized through a foundation or external parties?
- a new gTLD applicant will have to establish a Registry System to full and ‘standard’ ICANN compliance but may be subsidized in order to cover the costs associated?
- ICANN may provide assistance in preparing the application for those where English is not a first language

Can you clarify this for me so I can take this back to my SG? Thanks.

Adrian Kinderis

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Subject: [council] JAS WG charter extension motion


I want to submit this motion for JAS WG charter extension in response to ICANN board resolution about supporting applicants and for completion a list of further work items.



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