[council] JAS WG charter extension motion

Adrian Kinderis adrian at ausregistry.com.au
Thu Nov 18 07:39:53 UTC 2010

Thanks Rafik.

I feel much better about the working group if it is going to work within those parameters.

Adrian Kinderis

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AK>> So will you be proposing for a discount from ICANN? Yes or no? To be clear, by discount I mean a reduction in the total application fee paid to ICANN. It may be for example, that the applicant pays part of the fee and the rest is sourced from another means (foundation etc).

1-  yes fees sourced from another means. the WG need to investigate that area and we asked to augment it with more expertise for that reason.

2- yes, we didn't state  exceptions for applicants regarding those requirements, assistance or support can be technical (from  various service providers etc) or financial ( subsidized from external sources). the WG will work  to figure out how this could best be done.

AK>> The applicant will pay for Registry Services but they may be subsidised from an external party? Yes or no? Also, these Registry Services will comply with all other Registry standards as requested in the AGB? Yes or no?

2- Yes. Yes.

3- translation of material etc but not necessarily by ICANN, again the WG will work to figure out how it can be done


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