[council] Re: Meeting with the Board on Sunday in Cartagena

Bruce Tonkin Bruce.Tonkin at melbourneit.com.au
Fri Nov 26 17:36:23 UTC 2010

Hello Stéphane,

> Subject: [council] Re: Meeting with the Board on Sunday in Cartagena
> Here are the topics that I have made a note of as having been suggested
> so far:
> - A conversation that includes Rec. 6 and applicant support-substantive
> strengths and weaknesses of the groups' outputs to date, best ways to
> carry these initiatives forward.
> - Next challenges of the new gtld process: vertical integration next
> steps, lowering barriers for special projects, outcomes of the outreach
> activities done so far.

One topic that as a Board member I wold be interested in discussing, is how will we review the success of the new gTLD launch.  It is a requirement under our Affirmation of Commitments to do so.   I would like to ask the GNSO to consider what the measures of success should be.

There might be some short term measures (e.g number of applications, number of applications with non-Latin characters)  and also long term measures  (DNS traffic from new gTLDs, number of second level registrations etc).

Prior to a review process - I would like to understand what we will be measuring, and what targets for those measures would be seen as "success" by the GNSO.

So I would like to request if the GNSO agrees that we add an agenda item:

- measuring success of the new gTLD program

Bruce Tonkin


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