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That is my understanding.

Thank you.

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Thanks Glen.  Can I assume that the 15 November deadline applies to all meetings in Cartagena including those that occur on the weekend prior to the official start on Monday?


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Dear All,

Please note these deadlines and procedures for all document posting  for the Cartagena meetings.

What must be posted by the 15th of November?

The document deadline policy adopted by the Board in Seoul provides, amongst other things, that: "The Board has approved a single deadline for international public meetings of 15 working days before the official opening of the meeting."  Working days are defined as weekdays, with a calendar week representing five working days. Public holidays are not treated as exceptions. The first day of the meeting is the one on which the opening ceremony is held.

The document deadline relates to the time at which the documentation is available for public review and download.

The document deadline applies to meeting agendas. Meeting agendas are defined as an overview of all public sessions taking place within the conference venue, both in the days before the official opening ceremony and after the final Board meeting.

That overview should include:

 *   a breakdown of topics to be discussed
 *   a list of speakers/panelists split up according to relevant subject
 *   an explanation of the session's goals and expected outcomes
 *   hyperlinks to relevant documentation.

 NO FURTHER CHANGES TO THE SCHEDULE WILL BE MADE AFTER THE 15TH OF NOVEMBER. This does not include changes to the content of session pages (i.e. agenda details or summary text). Requests for changes after the 15th will be subject to the following change-management process (NO EXCEPTIONS):

Process for adding new sessions to the Meeting public schedule less than 15 working days prior to the Meeting start

If a new session is to be added within the 15-day window, it must be urgent and meet requirements, like:

 *   A failure to hold the meeting will endanger ICANN committed deliverables, critical progress on an issue, or accomplishing something integral to ICANN's mission or is likely to:
o  Create material legal liability;
o  Create an unacceptable negative accountability or transparency perception; or
o  Create or cause financial losses.

 *   The meeting may not be organised in conflict with any previously identified cross-community session that would cause a conflict for many attendees.
 *   All the informational requirements of the meeting must be provided with (or as soon as possible after) the initial request - including complete agenda, required other information, and technical requirements.
 *   The organiser provides clear and sufficiently detailed explanation of why the meeting meets the criteria for a late addition.

In cases where there are less than 5 working days before the start of a meeting:

 1.  Sessions added in this period must meet the requirements above.
 2.  Organisers of meetings that meet the requirements must give 24 hours advance notice.
 3.  Meetings added are subject to space and services availability
 4.  The meeting may not be organised in conflict with any previously-identified cross-community timeslot.

The COO will make a decision on requests received, using the criteria above, and provide a decision within 24 hours.

 *   If the request is rejected, reasons will be provided to interested community members. In either case, the organiser will be notified.
 *   The details of all meetings added or not added will be retained and published in the interests of transparency and accountability of decision-making.
 *   If the organiser wishes to have the request reconsidered, the reconsideration will be handled by the Chair of the Public Participation committee of the Board of ICANN.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Thank you.
Kind regards,


Glen de Saint Géry
GNSO Secretariat
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