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With reference to Chuck Gomes's message below, the 
Cross SO AC policy discussion document can be viewed directly at 


and is posted on page:

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As I briefly mentioned in our meeting earlier today, a possible topic
for discussion with the GAC and ccNSO in our joint meetings with them in
Cartagena is the topic of procedures for joint SO/AC working groups or
community working groups.  As you can see by Liz's email below, I
requested that Staff prepare a paper listing some of the issues that
might need to be considered in that regard.  Please review this and
share any comments you have and provide any opinions you have about
suggesting this topic  to the GAC and ccNSO.  If there are any
objections to suggesting this as a topic for either joint meeting,
please let me know by Wednesday of next week.  If there are none, I will
suggest the topic to Heather and Chris and send the attached discussion
document as well.


Thanks to Liz and any other staff members who helped develop the
discussion paper.




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On the last chairs call, Chuck suggested that it might be useful to
encourage discussion between the GNSO Council and the ccNSO and GAC (and
ALAC...) about the benefits and potential issues associated with
cross-SO/AC working groups and whether/how their role might be better
defined in the future.  To stimulate that discussion, we prepared the
attached draft at Chuck's request. 


The questions are just suggestions, we have not yet engaged in any
internal consultation, and  we do think it will be important to consult
with the General Counsel's office to solicit their input and guidance.


Please let us know if this is what you had in mind, and if you would
like anything further.


Thanks, Liz

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